Week 34 and 35

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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing awesome. I am now in my 36th week and I am dying to get this little one out into the world. I had the perfect pregnancy up until week 35. The little stubborn peanut has decided not to turn and is actually moving further up into my ribs instead of head down. That means it will most likely remain in breech position and this will probably end in a C-section delivery. We finished up the childbirth classes at Mount Sinai and now it turns out I may not have needed them hahaha!

My back aches have increased with the weight of the baby. The crazy part is the best I feel all day is when I am at the gym. I can not say enough about how important it is to keep moving. It is sitting that makes me feel worse. I seem to not be able to find a comfortable position for sleeping either. I will get back to the sleeping in a bit. I have been at the gym 5 days this last week. Elliptical is now a thing of the past because of the weight of the baby I have been doing slower incline walking for about 60 minutes a day on the treadmill. That hour is one of the best parts of the day!

We have been taking advantage of NYC Restaurant Week. It has not escaped us that we only have so many date nights left for a long while. It has been great to get out every Friday night, dress up and enjoy each others company. If you are expecting for the first time I can not tell you how important it is to make sure you do this. I am so glad even though I do not feel the best that I can still get out and enjoy a night with my husband.

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The thing I was not expecting was that I would not be able to sleep at the end of my pregnancy. I have been sleeping like a baby since the first trimester. We had hoped that in this last month we could get all the sleep we can in order to prepare for the baby keeping us up. Well my body and this baby has other ideas. I can not for the life of me find a comfortable position and I have tried many. This leaves me tossing and turning and keeping poor Jon up at night. When I do finally fall asleep little peanut rolls around or jams its head into my ribs and then I am awake again. Oh and I have to mention that I also wake up to hit the washroom in the middle of the night. We are both going on a small amount of sleep at this point and are pretty grumpy!

We have been finishing up our baby gear shopping. We have spent the last 2 weekends at BUY BUY BABY, looking at car seats, carriers and swings. So what did we get? We ended up getting a Cybex infant car seat, it was a little pricier than we wanted since it will not get much use. Living in NYC we do not have a car and walk to most places but Jon loved this car seat and was sold on it in the store. For a carrier we went with our favorite baby brand Stokke. You can tell we loved Stokke since they made our stroller, crib, second stroller at the in-laws and now our carrier. Also all of our textiles are from Stokke and I am so glad that we discovered them. They have an awesome car seat but it was not available in the United States. The last thing on our list was the swing, we ended up going with the 4 moms Mamaroo. I had heard so many great things about it we had to have it. I can not wait to put the baby in it and see how much he/she likes it!

Stokke Carrier

Jon just testing out the carriers at Buy Buy Baby

We will be visiting with our OBGYN practice this week and they will be letting us know if the baby looks like it may be turning or if we are scheduling a C-section. Since I can pretty much see the baby most of the time my money is on the C-section. I will let you guys know in the next week!

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Week 30 and 31

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Wow I can not believe how fast time is flying by. As I am writing this I am in my 32nd week and can not wait for this little one to make his or her’s arrival. We have been busy trying to prepare for the baby and things are coming along quite nicely. In the last 2 weeks we have now received our awesome Stokke Crusi Stroller. I never thought I would be crazy about a stroller but I am and Jon loves it too. It was really easy to put together and we can not wait to stroll around the city with the baby.

Stokke CrusiOur Stokke Sleepi has also arrived. I would love to say that it was easy to put together but we had a problem piece so we had to send away for a replacement piece. As soon as it arrives we will be putting it together and I will have pictures to share with you guys!

I have continued my workout and have been in the gym 5 days a week and usually twice a day. With the horrible weather still keeping me indoors it really helps to have a gym in the building that I can escape to for my walks. Here is one of my workout plans. I really can not wait to walk around the city again! I also find that exercise helps with back pain. The days that I do take off from the gym during the week I am plagued with back aches. The more I move the better I feel.

Fashion wise I have been wearing a mix of my regular clothes with some maternity items. I am leggings obsessed! I had a great opportunity through me blog nycfitfoodfashion.com to try out some new items from the Athleta spring line. I was able to still find some great items to fit over this baby bump and they were really comfy! If you are interested here is a look at the posts I did on them.

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We started out childbirth classes this past Saturday at Mount Sinai Hospital. We are learning quite a bit about the stages of labour and what we should expect. I do not know if we will remember all of this when the big day happens but it is helping us to feel a little more prepared. We have 2 more classes, I will be sharing more of this experience in the next couple of posts. I hope all of you have a great week and I will try to get photos of the crib as soon as it is ready!!

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Week 28 and 29

Pregnancy BlogWe are already beginning to count down the days. Is it acceptable to be doing that this early? Time had been flying by and then we hit January. This last month feels like the longest month of my life and it is still not over. It may be the fact that the weather has been horrible, which leaves me in the house a lot. I normally walk around the city a lot but with this polar vortex, I have been house bound.

I do still get out to the gym 5 days a week. My workouts have been a mix of incline walks, elliptical and some weight training. I have been putting a lot of thought into checking out a prenatal yoga class. I need a little something new and something to drag me out of my place!

I had the opportunity to try out another amazing Seraphine Maternity style. Thank you to the people over at Preggonista for letting me be a fit model. I have been really blessed with so many great opportunities over this pregnancy. Preggonista is a website where you can sign up for monthly deliveries of a maternity basic. The basic will be fashionable and versatile for your everyday life. Here is a look at the Seraphine Maternity dress that they had sent me.

Seraphine Maternity

Over the last few weeks we have been debating strollers. I will admit I wanted something that was not only functional but that was stylish as well. Jon was more into just function and obviously price. Since we travel a lot we both wanted something that traveled, especially when it came to folding it down as compact as we could for flights. Well after lots of looking we made the decision to get the Stokke Crusi. It was my first choice and I finally won out haha. I love this stroller and one of the things we were looking for was if it would accommodate a second baby and it does. We do want to have another baby probably a year after this one. So, it was important that the stroller be able to have a sibling seat that you can add-on. I will admit the Crusi was not the easiest to fold down for travel. We were able to get a travel bag also from Stokke that will protect the stroller during flights. I think after peanut is not an infant we will probably travel with a cheaper umbrella stroller.

Stokke Crusi

Other than the stroller choice we also went with Stokke for our crib choice. Since we will still be in our NYC one bedroom apartment when the baby arrives, we do not have a lot of space. We chose the Stokke Sleepi because it can start out as a mini crib and can be built up all the way to a junior bed in the future. When it is mini you can roll it in and out of rooms quite easily, that was a bonus. I will add photos of the stroller and crib once we have everything all set up! I never thought I would be this excited over baby gear!

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What stroller did you go with?? Have a great week everyone!