Week 32 and 33

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It is hard to believe another 2 weeks have gone by. I am now 34 weeks + 5 days, I can not get over how fast this pregnancy thing has been going. I never thought it would go by so quickly and also with no issues. I had always feared pregnancy because in my mind what I had seen, heard or read was that it was going to be this excruciating experience. I know it is different for everyone so I am not saying it is the easiest thing to go through but for me this pregnancy has been truly amazing.

I credit a lot of that with the daily exercise that I have been able to keep up with. I had taken it back from 6 days a week to 5 but found that the less that I move I had begun getting back aches. I have now upped it 6-7 days a week at the gym. It truly has been saving my back. If I can say one thing it is that sitting has been the enemy for me. The more I have been moving the better I feel. I do not go 7 days hard-core but I make sure even on what would have been my rest days that I at least head in to the gym and do a 30 minute walk on the treadmill. The only thing I could complain about is how hard it is to put on my running shoes and tie them up these days. That is honestly the hardest part of going to the gym for me!

Fit Pregnancy Blog

The closer we are getting to the baby arriving the more my fur baby seeks attention. She loves to rest her head on my belly at night. We have also noticed that she has become a lot more protective of me when we go out for walks. If another dog approaches she get aggressive barking or snipping at them. This is concerning since she is tiny and has been barking at pit bulls. Hopefully she calms this down a little once I am no longer pregnant!

We had finished up our child-birth classes this past weekend. I am not sure if I feel anymore prepared. Don’t get me wrong the class at Mount Sinai was great but I think so far I have been in denial about actually giving birth. So the class kind of made me start getting paranoid about thing sI had already decided on. Like most women I have it in my head that I need an epidural. The more they explained the more anxiety I started to feel about it. Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss!

My diet has not changed at all in the last few weeks. One thing that was brought up in child-birth class was going low carb after week 36 in order to help the baby not be to heavy at birth. The goal is a 6.5 to 8 pound baby, going low carb should keep the baby in that range from what I understood in the class. I know that since we are looking at natural child-birth at this point, I would like the baby to stay under 8 pounds. We can only hope that it will turn out that way!

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What are your thoughts on changing your diet to keep the weight of the baby down? Is this something you have thought about or have done?

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Week 20

Week 20

Week 20 is now over and we are on to a new one. I am still really loving pregnancy I hope this period does not end because I feel awesome. I still have a great deal of energy and was able to make it to my workouts 6 days this week. I am hopping that will continue all the way through the rest of my pregnancy. Here is a look at some of my workouts:

Glues and Leg Treadmill Workout

Cardio Mix Up

Machine Leg Day and Cardio


My diet has remained the same. We found a great new spot in the neighborhood for Kebab’s. It is so good we went twice last week! Here is a review I wrote about our experience at Ariana Kebab House NYC. The food is incredible! Jon has been awesome with the cooking and one of my favorite recipes he makes is Jon’s Famous Braised Short RIbs. I had to share this recipe. It is so yummy we made enough to eat it for 3 nights last week. It tastes better every day!

I am over my aversion to chicken and we have made it a few times lately. I really like the chicken to be roasted, so we came up with a different recipe for roasted chicken. This one has a lot more spice then the recipe that we usually use. If you like spicy check out our recipe for Clean Eating Spicy Chicken.

Week 20

The best part of the week was attending Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower. While there I had the pleasure of meeting daytime diva Susan Lucci! If you have the chance to attend one of these events you should. We had so much fun and received so many great gifts from all of the sponsors. Take a look at my full post on how awesome the Biggest Baby Shower was.

I have started my journey into pregnancy fashion. I was invited to a maternity sample sale and I decided this would be the best time to take a look at some actual maternity clothes. I really wanted to get some maternity jeans but there was none left in my size. The only ones in my size were still $175. I am still on a budget when it comes to my maternity wear, so this was not an option. I did find a great little dress by Bellyisma which is what I wore to the Biggest Baby Shower. I was able to get that dress for the bargain price of $50.00. Here is a look at my new maternity look:

Week 20

We ended up our week with an ultrasound appointment. I am so glad that my placenta previa seems to have just been marginal and has fixed it self. This is great news because it means that a C Section may not be in order now. I was relieved until I then started to worry about natural childbirth instead! The last ultrasound we had we were able to see the babies face on 3D and get a few pictures. We were hoping to get some more but peanut had other plans. The baby kept hiding it’s face or was putting it’s hands over it’s face. The tech tried for about 45 minutes to an hour but it is going to have to wait till next time. It seems we have a stubborn little one on our hands! That is the end of week 20! How was your week??