C-Section Birth and the First Few Weeks

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Hey Everyone! I know I promised an update and here it is. The last time I wrote here I was preparing for a c-section on March 24th. We went to Mount Sinai at 5 am that day and got prepped for surgery. I was very nervous and anxious. Since I could not eat I was also very nauseous and so was Jon! The surgery got pushed back an hour due to an emergency c-section coming in so I got even more nervous and even more anxious. I was finally brought into the operating room and it all became very real and I was not as scared as I thought I would be. Once the spinal was put in I was ready to get this baby out and meet them finally. The whole surgery was not as bad as I thought it would be you really don’t feel anything. The worst part of it was the IV, catheter and getting the spinal. The actual surgery was fine for me. Jon not so much. He didn’t feel to great and the poor guy had to leave the room. I felt really bad that he missed the big moment we had been discussing all these months but we made it through. Since we had decided to not find out the sex, I was really dying to find out if it was a boy or a girl. I discussed it with everyone in the operating room and they all made bets on what they thought. Most were with me on a boy. Well I was wrong. Little Emma made her way into the world at 9:59am kicking and screaming. I can tell you I was beyond shocked that is was a girl. I thought a mother just knew these things but Jon was right all along.

After they cleaned her up a little, they were nice enough to bring her out to Jon. From what he told me he got to hold her for a bit and they had some really special alone time. I was so glad that they brought her out to him right away. Once I was stitched up and brought back to recovery we were all reunited as our new little family.

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The days afterwards are kind of a blur. That should be expected since I was medicated but what I know is that newborns sleep almost all day in the first few days and we thought this parenting thing was so easy! As for my pain it was once again not as bad as I had been expecting but the drugs definitely made it more manageable. We were able to keep Emma in the nursery at the hospital at night. If you have this option definitely take it, you will be able to get some sleep because you will not get the sleep you are used to once you get home.

Taking her home was awesome but totally scary. It was finally just the 3 of us. We had no nurses to help us out and since we live far from family that was also not an option. She was really perfect for the first 2 weeks or so. Sleeping, eating, changing was the routine and she never cried. Then came week 3. Then the real challenge started, she was more alert and cried a lot. We did not know how to put her down for naps because she never needed to before. In the first 2 weeks she could fall asleep anywhere. Now we were dealing with an over tired baby that cried a lot. So much that we nick named her “the Bear”. We had a challenging next couple of weeks but we made it and went through a lot of trial and error to figure her out when she was ready to nap and do not miss that small window they have to go down. That was our worst mistake, not knowing when we had to put her down. One yawn and she is changed, swaddled and put in her crib.

In the last 2 weeks we have discovered “Moms On Call”. This is an amazing app for parents, it creates a schedule based on your babies age. I was skeptic at first but I was so frustrated with her not napping properly I would give anything a try. The only thing is you have to be comfortable putting them down knowing that they will have to cry a bit to get to sleep. We let her cry 3 minutes and then go in and soothe her. We usually only have to do this a max of 3 times then she is out like a light. Since we started this she has been much happier, with the exception of an off day here and there. The best part she sleeps from 8:30pm till about 5:00am every night and then eats at 5:00am and goes back to bed till 8:30am. This has been a life saver for us.

We are heading into week 6 and although it has been challenging we are loving every minute that we get to spend with our little bear. She is the best! I would like to thank the awesome nurses on the 7th floor, Dr. Kassenoff and the team over at New York Obstetrics and Gynecology. Please come visit me at my regular blog NYC Fit Food Fashion!

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6 thoughts on “C-Section Birth and the First Few Weeks

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  2. Congrats Jo, I loved reading this post! So glad you guys are getting some sleep, it’s SO essential eh?? We started sleep training right away like you guys and Hannah was sleeping 12 hour uninterrupted nights by three months. If you ever get stuck, try reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It worked for us (though I know everyone is different!!). Glad you had a speedy recovery from your section too! Lots of love! xoxo

    • Hey Laura! The sleep training has been going pretty good and we bought the book as well! We never would have thought a couple of weeks ago that we would now be already getting her to sleep 8 hours in the night!
      Thanks for the book tip. I bought it as soon as you had mentioned it on Instagram! xoxo

      • omg did I already recommend that book!? I’m so annoying. Also, apparently I still have mommy brain. I guess it never goes away! xo

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