Week 28 and 29

Pregnancy BlogWe are already beginning to count down the days. Is it acceptable to be doing that this early? Time had been flying by and then we hit January. This last month feels like the longest month of my life and it is still not over. It may be the fact that the weather has been horrible, which leaves me in the house a lot. I normally walk around the city a lot but with this polar vortex, I have been house bound.

I do still get out to the gym 5 days a week. My workouts have been a mix of incline walks, elliptical and some weight training. I have been putting a lot of thought into checking out a prenatal yoga class. I need a little something new and something to drag me out of my place!

I had the opportunity to try out another amazing Seraphine Maternity style. Thank you to the people over at Preggonista for letting me be a fit model. I have been really blessed with so many great opportunities over this pregnancy. Preggonista is a website where you can sign up for monthly deliveries of a maternity basic. The basic will be fashionable and versatile for your everyday life. Here is a look at the Seraphine Maternity dress that they had sent me.

Seraphine Maternity

Over the last few weeks we have been debating strollers. I will admit I wanted something that was not only functional but that was stylish as well. Jon was more into just function and obviously price. Since we travel a lot we both wanted something that traveled, especially when it came to folding it down as compact as we could for flights. Well after lots of looking we made the decision to get the Stokke Crusi. It was my first choice and I finally won out haha. I love this stroller and one of the things we were looking for was if it would accommodate a second baby and it does. We do want to have another baby probably a year after this one. So, it was important that the stroller be able to have a sibling seat that you can add-on. I will admit the Crusi was not the easiest to fold down for travel. We were able to get a travel bag also from Stokke that will protect the stroller during flights. I think after peanut is not an infant we will probably travel with a cheaper umbrella stroller.

Stokke Crusi

Other than the stroller choice we also went with Stokke for our crib choice. Since we will still be in our NYC one bedroom apartment when the baby arrives, we do not have a lot of space. We chose the Stokke Sleepi because it can start out as a mini crib and can be built up all the way to a junior bed in the future. When it is mini you can roll it in and out of rooms quite easily, that was a bonus. I will add photos of the stroller and crib once we have everything all set up! I never thought I would be this excited over baby gear!

Pregnancy Blog

What stroller did you go with?? Have a great week everyone!


Prenatal Yoga

Thinking about giving prenatal yoga a try?

Nyc Fit Food Fashion!

Hey guys!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I have hit my third trimester and I am telling you the back pain that I had this weekend was so intense. I have been toying with the idea of doing prenatal yoga lately. I guess now would be the best time for me to start. This morning I got up and decided to do some research on it before starting out.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Since I have been pregnant I have noticed that prenatal yoga is a very popular workout right now. When it is paired with cardio such as walking, yoga can be a fantastic way to keep in shape during your pregnancy. Yoga keeps you flexible, tones your muscles and improves circulation with little to no impact on your joints.

Another great thing is that yoga helps you to relax and work on your breathing. This…

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Holidays (Week 25-27)

Hello Readers!! The holidays are now over and we have reached 2014. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. We did a lot of travel over the holidays and got to spend time with some of our favorite people in Texas and in Toronto. My baby bump really blossomed over the holidays and little peanut has been crazy active. It was definitely weird at first but now I am used to it and we love watching my belly at night. It is our new form of entertainment!

Fit Pregnancy Blog

I would love to be able to tell you guys that I had kept up my workouts over the holidays but it just did not happen. We flew to Texas on the 21st and I came back from Toronto on the 1st. During that time the only workouts I had were walking in either the airport, shopping mall or to get up and eat! I had continued to wear my fitbit daily and I managed to average about 5000 steps per day. It could have been worse I guess. Traveling was still really easy for me. I was not sure how I would feel flying at this point in the pregnancy but they were short flights and went amazingly. No issues on the way there at all which was great. I did miss having my inflight bloody mary’s but Jon had my alcohol and I had mine virgin style.

Fit Pregnancy Blog While in Texas we had an amazing baby shower brunch thrown by a family friend. Lots of good food, games and laughs. We played baby charades which was amazing, even though my team was not the best at it! We also had red velvet cake and it just happens to be my favorite!

Fit Pregnancy BlogChristmas was great and I was very spoiled. I am sure that will not be the case next year when the baby comes and obviously we will want to shower the little one with gifts! Christmas day was extra special because Jon made us an amazing turkey dinner. I will say I really lucked out in finding this gem of a husband that not only cooks but can make a turkey dinner better than anyone I have ever met. He truly is one of a kind! Luckily my aversion to poultry is long gone and I was able to really enjoy the dinner that her prepared for all of us.

Fit Pregnancy BlogThe morning after Christmas we headed to the airport to get to Toronto. I take blame in the fact that we did not get there with a lot of time to spare but American Airlines did not make it any easier or help us to get on our flight. I did make it on but telling a pregnant lady good luck then telling her to run across the airport really is not the customer service you expect. Especially when we were flying priority class. I ran and I made it but I was not impressed with the way American had handled it. We got on our flight and Jon was able to enjoy some more bloody mary’s and I had some virgin ones. Once we got to Toronto we were greeted by a lot of beautiful snow and very cold temperatures.

Fit Pregnancy Blog

We had a great week in Toronto. I was treated to a second baby brunch and I could not have been happier with the gang that could make it out that day. There had been an ice storm that week that had left a lot of people with out power. I know some people could not make it out but we had fun with all of those that could get out that day. I think Jon’s favorite part was the cake and its voluptious shape!

Fit Pregnancy Blog

As for New Year’s We kept things low-key this year. Normally we would be partying the night away. This year we had a nice dinner out with family and toasted at midnight. We were in bed around 1am, this soon to be mamma was glad for the rest.

New Year’s Day we were headed home on American Airlines again. We arrived at the airport early and waited for our boarding time. Boarding time came and went with no messages of delays or anything told to us. We had rely on people just speculating that the flight was cancelled etc. Eventually they came on the speaker and said that crew members did not show up for work today and they were trying to get a crew together. We were only delayed about 90 minutes but there was a flight that was supposed to leave 4 hours before us and those poor people were still waiting when we left. It seems it was a trend that day at American Airlines. The weather was fine but all their flights going from Toronto to NYC had missing crew. You would think that they would have a back up plan for things like that on New Year’s Day. Well that is my rant of the day. I loved my visit with family and friends but it is always nice to get home to your own bed and sleep in. I also really missed my gym! I will be getting back into the swing of things this week.

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How was your holidays? What did you do for New Year’s Eve?