Week 21

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It has been a very busy 2 weeks for us. I just got back from St Lucia this past weekend so I have not been able to post about week 21 till today. I will be doing Week 21 and 22 today for you guys that are keeping up with my pregnancy journey. I have been able to continue my workouts daily. I feel very lucky to still have all the energy that I do have to make it to the gym everyday and it is in my building so I do not really have any excuses about getting there. I have slowed down a little on the weight lifting and I have been mainly focusing on incline treadmill routines and elliptical cardio sessions.

Glutes and Leg Treadmill Workout!

Elliptical Blast!

My appetite has been pretty normal. I have been eating the way I normally so and have been on track for my weight gain. I am starting to show and I had my first experience with a stranger asking me if I was pregnant. It did not go down the way i thought it might. I had been running errands in my neighborhood and was approached by a homeless man who was asking for spare change. I had no change on me since I barely ever carry cash of any kind. I told him sorry and kept walking. He stared me up and down and said “Hey What are you pregnant??” I answered with “Yes I am”. To which he told me he thought I was just fat and was trying to insult me! He could not believe I was actually pregnant he thought I was pulling his leg. Yep that was the first time someone asked me if I was pregnant. I am glad to report that things have not gotten to out of hand I went home tried on my bikinis for our trip to St Lucia and they all still fit!

Fashion has started to become more of a daily issue though. There was a Nanette Lepore Sample Sale and if you know me, you know I can not miss a Nanette sale. Even though I am pregnant I still headed down to the sale and managed to find a few gems to add to more wardrobe. Check out this post I wrote about my purchases. I have also had the pleasure of doing a couple of maternity fashion reviews. If you have not seen them here are the links for you to check out:

Dressing your Baby Bump for the Holidays with Tiffany Rose Maternity

PinkBlush Maternity Review

Tiffany Rose Maternity


Stay tuned for Week 22 coming up later today!


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