Week 23 and 24

Hey guys! I missed a week so I have decided to wrap them into one post. Things have been pretty hectic since coming home from St.  Lucia and getting ready for Christmas!

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We decided that we wanted to do a 3D ultrasound to give the photos to our families at Christmas. Going to the ultrasound was super exciting. It started off amazing! We saw the little peanut and he/she smiled and it was incredible. immediately after the peanut decided to hide out in a little nook that it has found in there. Once in that nook they can not be seen at all. The baby stayed there for the rest of the session. No matter what we tried, positions and stretches the baby did not come out! We made an appointment to go back the following week. We went back the next week and lo and behold the little one hid for the whole entire session. Back to the drawing board on Christmas gifts for the grandparents! Who knew the little one could be so stubborn in the womb, I think we are in for it in a few months.

Exercise has remained on the daily agenda. I have lost a lot of my strength and can admit I have not really been giving my 100% when I am at the gym. I thought it over and decided to go back to planning my workouts for the week in advance. Here is the workout plan that I have come up with:

5 Day pregnancy workout

I am hoping that this will keep me occupied over the next week. We will be in Texas for the holidays so I do not know how much exercise I will get in daily but I will try to fit something in!

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I have had the honor of being able to try out Seraphine Maternity for review. This would be the famous Kate Middleton front knot maternity dress. Updated to a 3/4 length sleeve for the holidays. Take a look at my full review. Seraphine Maternity Review. I am in love with this dress and can not wait to wear it at over the holidays.

We headed over to Rockefeller Center, with the intention of watching the tree lighting. Once arriving there and being trapped in the crowd we realized that it was not for us. We went home to watch it on tv, so much better than standing in that crowd for 4 hours! We did manage to sneak in a picture or two.

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I have to give a shout out to Big City Moms. Once again we attended a Big City Moms event and it was just as amazing as the Biggest Baby Shower. This time we had the pleasure of going to the Expectant Parent Dinner over at Kidville UES. What a great night! Jon was a little apprehensive since he ended up being the only Dad there but had an amazing time. One of the presenters was Daddy Scrubs and Daddy of the year was 90210’s Ian Ziering. He shared with us his experience in becoming a Dad and being in the delivery room. Ian was very entertaining and I think made the night for Jon. Being the only Dad there Jon received the Daddy Diaper bag. Which was an awesome Camo print back pack!

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Ian really helped in making Jon feel a part of things. As an expectant Dad sometimes they feel left out and I am so glad that I have been able to include my husband in everything. I also feel blessed to have a man in my life that wants to be involved in every step of this amazing journey. Other than the back pack we won a joovy hi-lo high chair in the raffle! We love the new high chair and it is already assembled and ready for the little one to try out.

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Pregnancy Blog

Now we are still getting ready for the holidays and they are quickly approaching us. The snow this weekend was beautiful and helped to get me inspired for Christmas. We spent out snowy afternoon looking at strollers. We are thinking of getting a Stokke Xplory. Do any of your moms out there have this stroller? I would love to hear some feedback on it. We also looked for cribs. This is more of a difficult decisions since we will still be in our tiny nyc 1 bedroom when the little one makes its arrival. We are considering the Stokke Sleepi, if any of you have one please let me know if you like it. Decisions, decisions.

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How was your week?? What are your plans for the holidays??


Week 22- Our BabyMoon

Jordan Taylor Swim Suit Cover Up

What can I tell you about Week 22?

It was the best week of my whole pregnancy so far! If you are pregnant or are planning to be, you have to go on a babymoon. It was so great to get away with my hubby and have a full week of relaxation together. We stayed at the Sandals Halcyon in St Lucia. It is a quiet resort, with not a lot of night life. That suited us perfectly for this trip since I obviously was not there to party the night away! There are 3 Sandals Resorts in St Lucia and you can shuttle between the 3 resorts. We had a great time at all 3 and the beach at The Grande was the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Sandals St Lucia

The food was plentiful and I was on vacation so I definitely steered away from my usual diet. My favorite thing for breakfast was pancakes covered with blueberries and 3 scoops of whipped cream!! It was decadent and well deserved since I normally eat fruit and multi-grain cereal daily. I got some looks but I did not care! Lunch was different everyday. Some days I had a burger, pizza or sandwiches. Lunch was either really good like the pizza or just ok like the sandwiches. For dinner we had lots of great food. My favorite dinner was the Sandals Returning Guest dinner because I got to have the most delicious lobster tail. It was the only lobster that I had that week and it was worth the wait. The other amazing dinner was the veal chop at Kelly’s Dockside. If you ever go Sandals Halcyon eat at Kelly’s Dockside and have the veal chop because it is soooooo good!

Sandals Halcyon

I tried to work out everyday. I was doing really good until mid-week. I went to the gym that morning and then to breakfast. That had become my vacation routine. By the time we finished breakfast my feet were so swollen I could barely walk. That was it for my morning workouts. From that point on I struggled with the swelling until I got back home to NYC. Here is a picture of what my feet looked like our second last night there. This was the worst I have ever seen them. I have to warn you it is not a pretty sight!

My baby bump really developed this week when I arrived not one person noticed that I was pregnant but by the time we were leaving everyone there had been commenting on my baby bump. It was great to finally have people recognize that I was expecting and it helped with the puzzled looks I got every time I ordered a virgin drink! There are not a lot of virgin drinks ordered I guess. I did happen to see about 4 other pregnant ladies on vacation as well. It was great to know I was not the only one!

Sandals Halcyon

I spent most of my week in my bathing suit. I was so happy that I was able to fit into all of my swimsuits that I already had. I was worried I would have to invest in a maternity swimsuit that I would never use again.

I can not express how amazing the week was. I am so glad that Jon and I were able to spend this great week together. Who knows when we will be able to take a romantic vacation together again. I want to give a shout out to my hubby for putting up with me and my swollen feet! It was limiting at the end and he was trooper heading back to the room before 10pm most nights. I really would love to go back to St Lucia someday. It is honestly a little piece of paradise.

Sandals halcyon


Did you take a BabyMoon? If you did, where did you go?

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Week 21

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It has been a very busy 2 weeks for us. I just got back from St Lucia this past weekend so I have not been able to post about week 21 till today. I will be doing Week 21 and 22 today for you guys that are keeping up with my pregnancy journey. I have been able to continue my workouts daily. I feel very lucky to still have all the energy that I do have to make it to the gym everyday and it is in my building so I do not really have any excuses about getting there. I have slowed down a little on the weight lifting and I have been mainly focusing on incline treadmill routines and elliptical cardio sessions.

Glutes and Leg Treadmill Workout!

Elliptical Blast!

My appetite has been pretty normal. I have been eating the way I normally so and have been on track for my weight gain. I am starting to show and I had my first experience with a stranger asking me if I was pregnant. It did not go down the way i thought it might. I had been running errands in my neighborhood and was approached by a homeless man who was asking for spare change. I had no change on me since I barely ever carry cash of any kind. I told him sorry and kept walking. He stared me up and down and said “Hey What are you pregnant??” I answered with “Yes I am”. To which he told me he thought I was just fat and was trying to insult me! He could not believe I was actually pregnant he thought I was pulling his leg. Yep that was the first time someone asked me if I was pregnant. I am glad to report that things have not gotten to out of hand I went home tried on my bikinis for our trip to St Lucia and they all still fit!

Fashion has started to become more of a daily issue though. There was a Nanette Lepore Sample Sale and if you know me, you know I can not miss a Nanette sale. Even though I am pregnant I still headed down to the sale and managed to find a few gems to add to more wardrobe. Check out this post I wrote about my purchases. I have also had the pleasure of doing a couple of maternity fashion reviews. If you have not seen them here are the links for you to check out:

Dressing your Baby Bump for the Holidays with Tiffany Rose Maternity

PinkBlush Maternity Review

Tiffany Rose Maternity


Stay tuned for Week 22 coming up later today!