Week 19

Week 19

I hope you all had a great week! I know we did. The pregnancy is still going along amazingly. I feel really good and have a lot of energy. I worked out 6 days in the last week. Here is a look at some of the workouts I did in the last week:

Upper Body Weight Routine and Cardio

Elliptical Blast!

 Cardio Mix Up

Even though I have been exercising 6 days a week, I can not change mother nature. My body is still going through changes. I was having this conversation with Jon, being a guy he once again put his foot in his mouth. He meant this as a compliment but being pregnant and hormonal I did not take it that way. He actually said to me” you have more of a butt now”. I was floored but he tried and tried to back track on how great he thinks I look pregnant. Poor guy did not mean the comment in a bad way but believe me I took like he said “you have a huge butt!” I will say it again, these poor men go through a lot during pregnancy as well. They have to put up with us everyday! The other body change is that I found the beginnings of 2 stretch marks on either side of my stomach. Despite the fact that I spend a great deal of time lotioning and oiling my growing body, it is happening. I will continue to lotion a few times a day and pray that it does not get any worse! Have any of you had any success with taming the stretch marks?

One thing that got me running to Starbucks last week was the reemergence of the red holiday cups and drinks. SO of course I had to get there that day and get the new and improved gingerbread latte. I am sorry Starbucks but you should not have changed a good thing. It saddens me  to report it was no where near as good as it used to be. I will stick to the Skinny Peppermint Mocha from now on. I was so excited I photographed the occasion 🙂

Red Cups are Here!

I am very excited because this upcoming week we will be attending the Biggest Baby Shower here in NYC. I will post all about it next week but I am sure it is going to be a great event. I got very lucky to get tickets. My baby brain made me forget to actually buy tickets and when Jon reminded me I went online and they were sold out. I emailed Casey at Big City Moms, who runs the event. I got so lucky she got back to me and said one set was just put back up on the site. If it wasn’t for Casey I would not be going. Thank you so much Casey from Big City Moms!

How was everyone else’s week??


3 thoughts on “Week 19

  1. Good for you keeping it healthy!! I’m generally a health nut, but since pregnancy, I’ve been a complete sloth and since vegetables seem to gross me out, well, my diet hasn’t been so great either. I’m 11 weeks and one day, so I’m really hoping that once that second trimester hits I’ll feel better and thus will be able to work out and eat better. I did manage to get to the gym twice last week though. Go me! (not really)

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