Week 18

Week 18

This past week flew by and I still feel fantastic! I have continued with my workouts everyday. This past week i was able to fit in 6 days at the gym. Here is a look at some of the workouts I did this past week:

Bounce Back Fast DVD: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-22H

Cardio Mix Up: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-21h

Leg Day and Cardio: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-20t

Chest/Back and Cardio: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Os

Halloween came and went. We had only 3 kids come to the place so we had lots of left over candy. I will admit I spent Halloween on the couch eating a lot of chocolate. Thanks to the chocolate I ate the little peanut was making a lot of movements. After the chocolate I could feel the baby over my skin not just from the inside like I had already. This was a great opportunity for Jon to be able to put his hand on my stomach and feel the baby. It was a great moment and Jon was so excited to finally be able to feel what I have been telling him about!

Week 18

Even with Halloween we still had the time to cook up some great meals! With the weather getting a lot colder we decided to make a cold weather favorite of mine, Clean Eating Shepard’s Pie http://wp.me/p3wWp1-25W and it is delicious. Give it a try the next time you are planning a warm and cozy meal at home. We also ate one of my favorite’s Spaghetti Alla Carbonara  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-Yv twice this past week. If you like to have pasta once in awhile try the Carbonara it is amazing!

I have not bought any maternity clothes yet but I know that day will be coming soon. As soon as I get my first pieces I will feature that experience right here for you guys! I am still addicted to leggings and tunics or tops. How was your Halloween?


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