Week 17

Pregnancy Blog

I hope that I can continue to report that things are going amazingly. Pregnancy so far has been great and I do not have much to complain about. I feel really great! I am still working out 5 days a week. I have about 75% of the energy that I had before I got pregnant but I still power through my daily workouts. Here is a sample of a few of the workouts I did in the last week:

Cardio Mix Up:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-21h

Machine Leg Workout:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-20t

Cardio Day:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Us

My appetite is really good and I have been trying to keep it healthy and clean. Whole grain cereals, fruit, veggies, greek yogurt and proteins. I have not really experienced this whole craving thing but I have read that it will come eventually. I feel like Jon has more cravings than I do. He has been buying pints of ice cream at the grocery store and did convince me to share some with him twice in the last week. Most night my evening snack is a chobani greek yogurt flip. My favorite right now is the pineapple coconut! Chicken is back on the menu but so far only the roasted kind. Here is the awesome recipe that Jon makes for me:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-BV

Other than things being fantastic I have suffered a few symptoms that I do not enjoy. Last week and into this week I have had the worst dry nose and eyes. It is horrible and so far I have not found anything to cure it. If anyone has any ideas let me know! The other awesome pregnancy symptom has been gum irritation. I actually ended up with a gum infection which I cured by oil pulling. If you do not know anything about oil pulling, here are all the details: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-22n It is great for gum infections, irritations and canker sores. The next time you have any of these problems give it a try. It worked for me!

The other thing is Baby Brain! Another pregnancy thing that I thought did not really exist. Well it definitely does. My pregnancy rage has been replaced with just pregnancy stupidity this past week. I did not know if I was going to share this part since I am embarrassed that I have done these things. This past weekend I was in the shower, I shaved one leg and did not realize I forgot the other one until I was getting dressed. This one I could accept as maybe my mind was somewhere else. The best one was when I was on the “What to Expect when you are Expecting” board. I was so excited to see that someone on the board was using the same OB practice as me. I told Jon and wrote the person a message to see how they liked the practice. I waited to hear back from them but never did. I looked at it again and came to the conclusion that the original poster was me!! I had answered my own post and was messaging myself. So if you are pregnant or have been and can think of a better one than mine please share it with me! I have shared with you now it is your turn. Please share!


9 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. Just so you know… Pregnancy brain does not go away after the baby is born! At least for me it didn’t LOL I have an almost 3 year old and a 18 month old and sometimes I go in and out of rooms in my house three or four times before I remember why I went in there in the first place. It will get better but it won’t go away all the way! Enjoy your pregnancy! It goes by so fast…

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