Week 16

Pregnancy Blog

Week 16 started off with us being in Canada visiting my family for Thanksgiving. It was a great trip but I have to admit I was really worried and anxious about the baby the whole time. Now that I am in my second trimester I feel fantastic and I took that as there has to be something wrong with the baby. I was worried that I felt too good! I didn’t feel any pregnancy symptoms at all anymore.  All was fine when I had gone to the see my doctor after returning home and we saw the baby and heard its heart beat. I was so relieved!

I did not get in any exercise when I was away. So that was 4 days away from the gym and I know people think I am crazy but I really missed it. I was back to the gym as soon as I got back home! I used some of my regular routines for the week. You can find them here:

Leg Day and Cardio:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1T7

HIIT Cardio:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1S9

Being home visiting I did not stick to my normal eating plan. All of our days started with Tim Hortons coffee. If you have never had it, you are missing out! We have Timmies here in Manhattan but it does not taste the same. You have to have it in Canada to have the real deal!

Pregnancy Blog

Since we were celebrating Thanksgiving I had to have wine. I had my first experience with non alcoholic wine. I can tell you no matter what anyone says it does not taste anything like the real thing. It was great to have a glass to hold and to toast with though.  That way I did not feel to left out of the festivities. While there we had an  amazing meal at Baton Rouge that included lobster poutine. Check out my restaurant review here:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1ZX

I know  I posted about it last week but the pregnancy rage did appear again on this trip. Jon and I had gotten to the airport early. Jon thinking I would want to get home sooner rather than later asked to get us on an earlier flight. We were put on the earlier flight. Instead of being happy I was pissed that he did not think of the nutritional needs of the baby. I was so hungry I was irrational. I was mad at him for not realizing that we would be in the air at dinner time and then by the time we got home it would be after 10pm and to late for me to eat dinner. I continued to complain through security and then once we got to our gate said there were no food options that were good for me and the baby. I am lucky I have a patient husband.  I would never want to deal with me being pregnant, hungry and cranky.  I eventually settled on some fruit and hummus with crackers. Once feed I was my normal happy self again. Word to all partners make sure your pregnant significant other is well feed or else!

The best part of my week other than our little trip was having our anatomy scan ultrasound. It was amazing. The little one did not want to co operate and kept hiding his/her face from us. We did get to see their face for a few seconds when the tech put it on 3D for us to get a good look. It was so amazing. I can not wait until our next ultrasound next month. She did ask us if we wanted to know the sex but we are still keeping with not finding out till the big day. I did peek a little but I could not tell what I was even looking at!

It was a great week! How was yours?


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