Week 13

The weeks just seem to be flying by me. We have now officially entered fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather here in NYC has been incredible so far. This stage of my pregnancy has been amazing so far. I have my energy back, my appetite back and the moodiness has gone away. My workouts are now split up a little. I go to the gym and see what I can do in the afternoon but stay for less than hour. Then I go back in the evening with Jon and have a second workout. My stamina is not what it was a few months ago! Here is a look at some of the workouts I have been doing:

400 Rep Leg Day: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Rb

Elliptical Leg Sculpt: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Q7

Chest/Back and Cardio: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Os

With all of this activity, I am glad to say my appetite is back. I am trying not to cave into the cravings. You still can have will power while you are pregnant! Instead of ice cream at night I have switched to eating greek yogurt and I love it. Friday night is ice cream night and I look forward to it! I try to make sure I am getting in all the things that I should be for my pregnancy diet. I have been reading a great book called “Eating for Pregnancy”, this book has been a great help with keeping me on track. Being a first time mom believe me you need an eating guide. I had no idea all of the extra things that I would need to add to my diet that I was not already getting. It also has some great meal ideas and a ton of recipes.

This past week I joined the “What to Expect when you are Expecting” forum. The site has been a great place to visit and I spend quite a bit of time on there. It is a great forum where you can reach out to other moms that are due the same month as you or come from the same city as you. My husband Jon is fantastic but let’s face it he will never be able to understand the things that my body is going though. So it is great to have people to reach out to that are experiencing the same things at the same time. If you are pregnant and have not checked out the site, I recommend you do it today!

Week 13


9 thoughts on “Week 13

  1. Congrats!!! Fall is my fave time too. Kurt love the sir and everything about it. If you have an iPhone or android check out the CineMama app. I believe it’s free and you can take a million photos then make a cool video with it. You can document milestones too. My friend had it and I thought it was just super cute.

  2. Thank You for blogging Joanne! I just hit 13 weeks Oct.15th so we are pretty close in our pregnancies. 🙂 Haven’t had the motivation for workouts at all, your blogs are a little more encouraging. lol Can’t wait for second trimester and for my energy back. Sticking to walking, squats and lunges for now. Hoping to get back into my weight lifting soon. Are you taking in any after work out protein?

  3. Exercise is generally safe during your entire pregnancy. However, do not start exercising until your doctor gives you permission after your first prenatal appointment.Pregnant women should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. Walking, swimming, water aerobics and yoga are acceptable exercises for pregnant women. Pregnant women can often perform these exercises from their fourth week of pregnancy until the day they deliver the baby. Swimming and water aerobics are pregnancy favorites because they keep your body cool while exercising,

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