Week 12

Well week 12 was an eventful one! We had our 12 week ultrasound done and decided to let our friends and family that did not know yet in on the secret via Facebook.


Our week 12 ultrasound went really well and little peanut is coming along nicely. I am continuing my daily workouts and sometimes even hit the gym twice. If I go twice I will only do no more than 30 minutes at a time. Otherwise I will not have the stamina to continue. Here is a look at some of the workouts from last week:

Chest/Back and Cardio Day : http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Os

Bosu Ball Leg Day: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1MB

Upper Body Strength Training: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1KF

Food has not been an issue lately. I have even started to integrate chicken back in to my diet. The last few weeks the thought of chicken would make me nauseous. Slowly I am starting to like it again. I have not experienced many cravings at all. I was expecting to have the types of cravings that you read about. The kinds of cravings that drive you to eat certain things all the time. Well that has not happened, yet anyways. I have been trying to eat healthy and get as much fruits and vegetables into my diet as I can.

If you are pregnant are you having any cravings or did you when you were pregnant??


9 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. Congrats again! I had intense cravings for peanut buster parfaits in and around month 5. I had strong aversions in all my pregnancies to chicken funny enough and most other meat!! I was able to keep working out until the very end… Obviously modifying the weights and cardio intensity. Running ended around month 4 or 5! Happy to say had my first run yesterday albeit 20 minutes at 5!! Haha

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