Week 9

Let’s talk about week 9. I have nothing to really complain about, at this point I am feeling fantastic. The nausea has disappeared completely, I think some of it had to due with the cup of coffee I was still drinking in the morning. I cut that out for now and I am feeling really good. I do treat myself to a decaf latte in the afternoon though. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back! I could never resist one of those. Has anyone tried Starbucks Chocolate Chai Latte? I know off topic but I was in Starbucks yesterday and tried to order one. The barista told me that it is gross and do not order it, so I didn’t. I am still curious though. I am still craving sushi like crazy but I think it is more because I know I can not have it! Other than sushi the craving have subsided and have be replaced by food aversions. All of a sudden the thought of eating chicken is a complete turn off. This is a problem since we eat chicken a few times a week! It has been difficult coming up with different options and still keeping Jon happy. I am hoping that this goes away shortly.

Fitness wise I have been switching up my routines quite a bit. Here are some of the workouts I have been doing this past week:

Indoor Run Training http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1GR

Upper Body Circuit Training:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1F4

Lower Body CIrcuit Training:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1Em

Run Training:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1E6

I have not had an issue working out indoors. We were doing the Susan G Komen “Race for the Cure” 5K this past weekend but I have found that I have had a lot of problems with running outdoors. For some reason outside I really get short of breath but have no problem in the gym. We ended up walking for the 5K instead, it was a gorgeous day to spend in Central Park.

Fashion wise, I am still not in the market for new clothes yet. I am really starting to look forward to finding some cute maternity clothes though! I hope they exist 🙂

Week 9


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