Week 6

Well week 6 is now done and over with! So far so good. I have been able to keep up with my workouts. The one I did last week you can find here:  http://wp.me/p3wWp1-1xu I still manage to have the energy to get to the gym almost everyday!

The worst thing about this past week was the all day long hangover style nausea. I wake up nauseous and it lasts till the evening. Most days after dinner I am good. I have learned that there are some things that really get me feeling yucky. I have learned not to think to hard about cooking dinner especially if it involves meat. Something about the smell and the juices (as I am writing this I have gone green!). I have had to adapt my very meat based diet to include more carbs! Normally I try not to eat a lot of starchy carbs but I have to it is for the baby!

When I found out I was pregnant I told Jon that I did not believe pregnancy craving actually existed. I was so sure that it was an excuse pregnant woman made to eat what ever they wanted. I was positive that I would not feel compelled to eat anything specific and would adhere to my normal clean eating diet. That was until I had been walking down the street and caught the smell of buffalo chicken wings. Chicken wings were all I could think about for days, I was getting cranky because of my hunger for them. I finally decided to embrace those moments and went out for chicken wings! Since then I have had chicken wings, pizza, lots of ice cream and the great part I have not really gained any weight…. yet.

This past weekend I slept 13 hours on Friday night and 13 again on Saturday night. Since this has not been a normal weekend thing for me since high school, I am sure it has something to do with this growing baby inside of me. I will accept it and sleep as much as I can. Who wouldn’t want this problem? I must be preparing for the little sleep I will be getting in about 8 months.

Now that week 6 is over I can not wait to see what week 7 has for me!



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